1. Volunteer

Volunteers play a crucial role in our day-to-day operations! Here are our current volunteer positions:

  • Nurse: Nurses offer pregnancy testing, complete health histories, and provide pregnancy options counseling services to our clients.
  • Client Advocate: In this role, client advocates provide one-on-one care and prenatal/parenting education.
  • PHC Office Support: Our office support staff answer phone calls, complete the client check-in process, schedule appointments, file records, and organize our store.
  • Housekeeping/Maintenance Staff: This position helps with indoor and outdoor cleaning duties and repairs.
  • Prayer Partner: Commit to praying regularly for Pregnancy Help Center’s staff, clients, and specific needs. Your prayers matter!

2. Attend Our Events

Events like our Baby Bottle Campaign and Fall Fundraising Banquet are an excellent opportunity to connect with the larger pro-life community, raise awareness for our cause, and make a financial contribution to our center.

As an event sponsor, you can financially support and invite others to attend our events! This is how we grow our support base.

Please check our website for event updates!

3. Spread the Word

Speaking with family members, friends, and community members about Pregnancy Help Center’s work is essential to fulfilling our mission!

Together, we can garner support for moms and babies. More lives will be saved!

4. Partner with Us

Church partnerships help our center receive the support and strength we need to help clients. Here’s what you can do with this partnership:

  • Pray for Pregnancy Help Center and our clients
  • Share information about our services with your congregation or parish
  • Promote our special events and service opportunities with your church community
  • Participate in our Baby Bottle Campaign
  • Gather material and financial donations for our center
  • Sponsor a new parent by funding a new car seat

Contact Us

For more information about our service opportunities and how to volunteer, please get in touch with us today.



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