Client Advocate

The key to helping a woman feel less isolated and more understood can lie in the power of conversation with someone who has shared similar experiences.

By becoming a client advocate, you have the opportunity to offer this invaluable support to women facing crises, particularly in the context of pregnancy-related challenges.

Volunteering your time at Pregnancy Help Center allows you to be that empathetic ear and understanding heart. In this role, you can listen, share insights from your own life, and provide guidance and resources that can make a significant difference in their journey.

Your presence and willingness to help can create a safe space for these women to express their fears, hopes, and struggles.

As a client advocate, you become a pillar of strength and a source of comfort, showing these women that they are not alone in their journey. Your volunteer work can be a beacon of hope, offering not just practical assistance, but also emotional support and a sense of community during some of the most challenging times in their lives.

Fatherhood Mentor

It’s not uncommon to overlook the fact that men transitioning into fatherhood face their own unique set of challenges. Just as new mothers require support, new fathers also benefit greatly from having a mentor. This mentor can play a crucial role in their journey, providing not only support and advice but also guidance, empathy, and a listening ear.

These mentors can share their own experiences, offer practical tips on navigating the complexities of fatherhood, and help new dads understand and manage the emotional and psychological changes they may be experiencing.

Furthermore, a mentor can act as a sounding board for any fears or concerns, offering reassurance and helping to build confidence in the new father’s abilities. This kind of support can be invaluable in helping new fathers adapt to their new role, ensuring they feel less isolated and more equipped to handle the joys and challenges of fatherhood.

Event Volunteer

Being an event volunteer offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the community while gaining diverse experiences.

This role involves assisting with organization, coordination, and execution of events, providing a chance to develop new skills, meet people, and enjoy the satisfaction of making events successful and enjoyable for all participants.

Church Liaison

Connect us to your church! A church liaison acts as a vital link between the church and our organization, facilitating communication, collaboration, and outreach.

This role involves coordinating events, fostering relationships, and representing the church’s interests and values in various external engagements.

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