When women facing unexpected pregnancies visit our center, we want them to feel safe, secure, and supported.

Pregnancy Help Center is committed to providing the care they need during challenging times. Clients never receive a bill from us, as we believe they should be able to access services without financial concerns.

Please read about our free and confidential services below! Your generous support makes our work possible.

Pregnancy Testing

Though at-home pregnancy test kits are typically accurate, women can receive false results if they test too early or incorrectly.

Our center offers urine-based pregnancy testing to clients wishing to confirm their pregnancies. We also offer proof of pregnancy services for Medicare and WIC applications.


Pregnancy Help Center is excited to offer ultrasound services soon!

This service will include limited transvaginal and abdominal ultrasounds following a positive pregnancy test at our center. Ultrasounds provide vital pregnancy details to women so they can move forward in the decision-making process.

Prenatal/Parenting Education

Whether our client is an expectant parent or has several children, educational resources are always helpful. Pregnancy Help Center offers free, confidential prenatal and parenting education.

Clients learn about their baby’s development in the womb, childbirth, and tips to make their parenting journey easier.

Options Counseling

Navigating pregnancy decisions can be difficult for many clients. While Pregnancy Help Center doesn’t pressure clients to make a specific decision, we do provide accurate information on all three options: abortion, adoption, and parenting.

Our peer volunteers also supply information to expectant and current parents on our “Earn While You Learn” program, material support, fatherhood program, and community referrals.

Post-Abortion Support

Some women struggle emotionally and regret their abortion days, months, or even years after the procedure. Pregnancy Help Center is here for clients who seek healing.

Our post-abortion support program, “Surrendering the Secret,” equips clients with the tools they need to move forward and achieve lasting peace. We help them process difficult emotions in a supportive, community-oriented space.

Please contact Pregnancy Help Center today to learn more about our services or how to donate.



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